In 1886 the workday went from 16 to 8 hours. That’s why today we celebrate Labor Day. Now more than 130 years later I feel like it’s time for a change again. Something as radical as the eight-hour workday was back then. I believe it's time to drop this work thing altogether. I’m calling for a zero-hour workday. A zero-hour workweek. NO. MORE. WORK! Let’s spend all of our time learning how to play again. Finding that place of innocence inside. That special place where fun, trust, faith and maybe even love is still alive and kicking. That one place where you find your music. We will no longer be playing to win or playing for keeps, we’ll be just playing for the sake of playing. I know this seems like a long shot. But so was the eight-hour workday back in 1886. We have to keep on dreaming and keep on keeping on at the same time. Due to some technical stuff, I can't release my album today. Instead, I’m pre-releasing my debut album today. Because I think it’s the perfect day for PLAY. The official press release will follow on May 10. Until then I’ll share with you this secret SoundCloud link. Have a great day! 


Labor Day 2019


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