Sophomore album announcement



Today we celebrate Liberation Day. A special one at that: celebrating 75 years of freedom. A very odd one also, the whole world is in lockdown. It seems like all this freedom has turned against us in so many ways. I mean, right now, a lot of folks are losing it in the comfort of their own homes! Some are losing it out on the streets! Doing nothing seems to be too much of a task. Many people are talking about how they can’t wait for things to go back to normal, I don’t understand. This “normal” is pretty f*cking insane. Too much pressure, too much crazy, too much stuff, just too much of everything. One might say talking change is too soon, salt in the wound. I reckon it’s rather too late. This virus is a dreadful fate for the elderly. The last generation of people who stood at the forefront of a free world suffocating to death. Don’t we owe it to these people to use this time wisely? To keep distance and embrace insecurity. To fully realize we are not going to live forever. To dig a little deeper instead of always looking up at the sky for salvation. To see it’s time to go beyond freedom and be free, right now! Going within, to me, seems like a better way to go than going back to normal. For me turning inward is a natural thing, and then somehow music comes out. In the greater scheme of things, it's not of much importance, to me, it means a lot. To make a short story long: I'm dropping my sophomore album when it's time. Today I like to share with you this short film: showing the way to what I call Liberation. 


Liberation Day 2020


Release Party debut album PLAY




Official press release debut album PLAY




This album is what happens when, you walk into a studio with the idea for an EP, and you really hit it off with the genius who owns the place. I had never recorded a song before and I only played by myself every once in a while. I had the words and melodies but that was about it. We truly played, in every way possible. Messing around with tubes and tape, real vintage stuff. Without a plan, making up the rules as we went along. Just like we did when we were kids. But then self-doubt strikes… 

The record started to sound like a broken record, driving me insane. Plagued by my demons, criticizing every line, every note. I just couldn’t finish the damn thing. Fear is a terrible friend but a convincing one. Putting yourself out there, terrifying! Way back when kings owned the land, there was one fellow who made a career out of this. He was one of the few who dared to speak his mind. A wild card, poking fun at so-called serious problems. Singing, and dancing with trouble like no-one was watching. Playing his part in the drama of life while at the same time seeing straight through it. He seemed like more than a good laugh, however people called him The Fool. Could he have been on to something or was he just mad?


“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool,” William Shakespeare wrote around 1600. These words are so profound. They made me realize I was playing to win, trying to impress. I wasn’t really playing at all! I was draining the fun from making music, from life, turning everything into work. I’ve got that down to a science, best believe it. No wonder I was easy prey for doubt. For two years I’ve been fighting my insecurities and gathering my courage. One thing I know for sure now: for as long as I’m alive, I will keep tearing down the walls to come to that place of innocence again. That special place where you spend all of your time playing. That one place where being a fool is the coolest you can be. Today I can proudly say: I will not die with my music still inside me. I’ve got to go out and play!

Pre-release debut album PLAY



In 1886 the workday went from 16 to 8 hours. That’s why today we celebrate Labor Day. Now more than 130 years later I feel like it’s time for a change again. Something as radical as the eight-hour workday was back then. I believe it's time to drop this work thing altogether. I’m calling for a zero-hour workday. A zero-hour workweek. NO. MORE. WORK! Let’s spend all of our time learning how to play again. Finding that place of innocence inside. That special place where fun, trust, faith and maybe even love is still alive and kicking. That one place where you find your music. We will no longer be playing to win or playing for keeps, we’ll be just playing for the sake of playing. I know this seems like a long shot. But so was the eight-hour workday back in 1886. We have to keep on dreaming and keep on keeping on at the same time. Due to some technical stuff, I can't release my album today. Instead, I’m pre-releasing my debut album today. Because I think it’s the perfect day for PLAY. The official press release will follow on May 10. Until then I’ll share with you this secret SoundCloud link. Have a great day! 


Labor Day 2019


 Debut album announcement


It's official: I'm releasing my debut album PLAY on the 1st of May. I kid you not! This record means so much to me, where to even begin? I dedicate the whole thing to my son because without you this record would have never come to be. You have shown me the way back to my own innocence. This record is my way of saying thank you to my girl for sticking with me. It’s about me fighting my demons every waking hour. It’s me trying to tell everyone to always trust your gut, stop following and make your own rules. It’s a big f*ck you to the world, work, labor, all the slaving away just to get by. This record invites you to lighten up and smile a little more while you're at it. It’s a reminder, a reminder to myself to never ever stop playing. In every sense of the word. But above all, this record is a call for all of us to wake up, wise up and know ourselves to be fools. Not only today, every day.


April Fools' Day 2019


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