This album is what happens when, you walk into a studio with the idea for an EP, and you really hit it off with the genius who owns the place. I had never recorded a song before and I only played by myself every once in a while. I had the words and melodies but that was about it. We truly played, in every way possible. Messing around with tubes and tape, real vintage stuff. Without a plan, making up the rules as we went along. Just like we did when we were kids. But then self-doubt strikes… 

The record started to sound like a broken record, driving me insane. Plagued by my demons, criticizing every line, every note. I just couldn’t finish the damn thing. Fear is a terrible friend but a convincing one. Putting yourself out there, terrifying! Way back when kings owned the land, there was one fellow who made a career out of this. He was one of the few who dared to speak his mind. A wild card, poking fun at so-called serious problems. Singing, and dancing with trouble like no-one was watching. Playing his part in the drama of life while at the same time seeing straight through it. He seemed like more than a good laugh, however people called him The Fool. Could he have been on to something or was he just mad?


“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool,” William Shakespeare wrote around 1600. These words are so profound. They made me realize I was playing to win, trying to impress. I wasn’t really playing at all! I was draining the fun from making music, from life, turning everything into work. I’ve got that down to a science, best believe it. No wonder I was easy prey for doubt. For two years I’ve been fighting my insecurities and gathering my courage. One thing I know for sure now: for as long as I’m alive, I will keep tearing down the walls to come to that place of innocence again. That special place where you spend all of your time playing. That one place where being a fool is the coolest you can be. Today I can proudly say: I will not die with my music still inside me. I’ve got to go out and play!

Guy Rooks Music


Dutch artist

Independent music

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